We should also make a option for WHY CHOOSE TRIPHOLIC?

  • In TRIPHOLIC you can experience a vacation which you can not experience any where
  • TRIPHOLIC has exper ienced people to suggest you the best places to visit and best places to stay and best time to travel
  • TRIPHOLIC always believes that the customer should have ultimate satisfaction when he comes back from vacation
  • TRIPHOLIC have unique destinations and events to visit all over the world
  • TRIPHOLIC does not compromise on Quality of Service.
  • One of the most innovative holiday planners with all travel related services under one roof.
  •           We offer the most innovative and best in class inclusions in our holiday packages. We also have a dedicated and accomplished team for sales, operations, airline, visa, forex, travel insurance and other travel related services.

  • Truly customised holidays tailor made to fit your needs and budget.
  •           we are experts in designing, advising, implementing to the needs, convenience, special requests till the completion of the holiday as per the budget for all holidays, be it Group Holidays, Themed Holidays (including Honeymoon & Family), Customised Holidays, Ad-Hoc Groups, MICE or LTC.

  • Transparency is a key word, with delivering holidays as promised with no - hidden costs, all inclusive prices, to build the confidence and trust of the client.
  •           We are proud of our nearly cent percent client satisfaction rate. Our repeat clients are the backbone of our success story, their recommendations to their friends and relatives have further bonded our relations.

  • A HOLIDAY with difference. Our Tag Line “A HOLIDAY with difference”
  •           promises to make the client feel the difference in experiencing a holiday as promised with no gimmicks

Visa Services

Visa is an indispensible part of any overseas travel. Visa services is also a specialised service needing a full understanding of all legal regulations and a dedicated team of professionals to handle the processing of the visas. With a growing number of guests travelling to various destinations, Tripholic is processing the visas to all destinations for its guests as well as public.


Tripholic has the head office in Bangalore with exclusive franchisees in Kolar , Chikmagalore , Hassan & Shimoga. In the next one year Tripholic plans to have the franchisees all over Karnataka.

Tripholic employs some of the best professionals across a variety of functions ranging from sales to operations support and finance. Majority of the employees are in the role of business acquisition and play a critical role in contributing to the revenue growth. With a good geographical presence with exclusive franchisees across the state as well as a highly motivated and incentivised sales team , Tripholic has penetrated deeply into the Karnataka market.


To be a responsible and creative leader in the Indian tourism industry; designing and operating innovative, sustainable tours that resoundingly demonstrate the positive impacts of ethical best practicetellus eu

To anticipate and act upon the evolving needs of our customers and partners, responding to them with excellence in our people, processes and technologies.


We are seeking for excellence in service and will provide quality service at a cost that will enable us to remain competitive.

  • Aggressively solicit new and growing target groups.
  • Expand our relationship with airlines, charter flight operators, hotels, tour operators and travel agents within India as well as overseas.
  • Develop better rapport with corporate clients, senior government officials, secretaries and supportive agents.
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