Home to the largest city in the Middle East, the delta of the long Nile River and some of the world’s most prized artefacts, Egypt is a world wonder. Sidewalk meets the sand in Egypt. Vibrant, energetic Cairo contrasts starkly with the timelessness of pyramids and the silence of the desert.

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south africa write up - earlier you have uploaded tanzania and now south africa has to be done as well. The below is the write up One of the top countries to visit in Africa, South Africa is full of adventure, history, wildlife and great food. South Africa’s scenic wonders are legendary.

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Tanzania’s wilderness defies the imagination, its sweeping plains alive with giant creatures – and perhaps the closest thing on Earth to a true Garden of Eden. Snowcapped Kilimanjaro towers above dusty red savanna, flamingo-carpeted lakes abut thick green forests, and lush grass plains seemingly stretch on forever. First-time visitors are invariably awed by the scale and colour, before being bewitched by the diversity.

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