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Treat yourself to Seychelles Honeymoon packages. Whether you're looking for a Honeymoon package to relax and indulge, special holidays in Seychelles with friends and family, a trip to your favourite chillout spot or a new adventure, you've come to the right place. Relive your life again and add a little spice to it with exciting Seychelles holidays.
The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, known for its beaches, coral reefs, diving, nature reserves and rare wildlife such as giant Aldabra tortoises.
Mahe island, with an international airport, is a key transport hub, home to capital Victoria, the mountain rainforests of Morne Seychellois National Park and white-sand beaches including Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka.


Mother Nature was very generous with these 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean, and has spoiled them rotten. Undeniably, the beaches are the big attraction, and what beaches: exquisite ribbons of pearlescent sand lapped by topaz waters and backed by lush hills and big glacis boulders. And hardly a soul in sight. Choosing your favourite beach is like trying to pick a flavour of ice cream – they're all so good! Hot favourites include world-famous Anse Source d'Argent, secluded Anse Marron, sexy Anse Takamaka and picture-postcard perfect Anse Lazio.

what might entice you is the fact that it is surprisingly easy to find very secluded beaches where you can spend the day and rarely see anyone else.


White-sand beaches, secluded coves, coral-coloured sunsets, swish hotels, slick restaurants, hushed spas. With such a dreamlike setting, it's not surprising that honeymooners and those seeking a glamorous tropical getaway have long had the Seychelles at the top of their wish lists. You too can live the high life at one of the country's star-spangled hotspots, provided you have the cash. If you’re not a millionaire, fear not. This paradise is more affordable than you think. On top of ultraluxurious options, the Seychelles has plenty of self-catering facilities and family-run guesthouses that are easier on the wallet and offer local colour.


Known for preserving traditions, the island’s ‘trademark’ is the must-visit l’Union Estate, still sporting its traditional coconut oil mill, the old copra kiln and a fine colonial house set amongst vanilla and coconut plantations. As you stroll along, before settling down on the picturesque Anse Source d’Argent, voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Set against exceptional rock formation, the place remains a source of inspiration for artistes and will simply take away your breath.
Your visit to these two islands will not only be a dream come true, but a memorable experience…for you will have been seduced!


Discover the magic of Seychelles silent and colorful underwater world. This relaxing tour by glass-bottomed boats will depart from the quayside and head directly to the Marine National Park. Enjoy the experience of gazing upon a multitude of corals and wide variety of fishes, including parrot, angel and butterfly. Time will be allocated for viewing, hand feeding of fish and snorkeling in crystal clear waters of the marine park before landing on one of the islands


Mahe island, the largest granitic land mass of the Seychelles archipelago, covers an area of 152 square kilometers. Driving along the coastline and through the mountains, the granite boulders & greenery in contrast with the blue sea, presents striking sceneries.


The tour includes a visit of the Botanical Garden, home of the giant tortoises, fruits bats and the endemic flora and fauna, including the World famous Coco De Mer (double coconut) palms. Have a panoramic view of the capital, neighboring Islands and National Marine Park, Including the port area, tuna fishing quay and the main buildings and streets.


Discover Victoria which is the World smallest Capital with its population of about 30,0000. Stop over at the colorful “Selwyn, Selwyn Clark” Victoria Market where you will find different types of fresh fishes, fruits, vegetables and crafts shops. Stroll through the Catholic Cathedral, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Clock Tower and other colonial buildings. There are also small gift kiosks shops along the Francis Rachel Street pathway and freetime will be allocated for shopping.

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