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Maldives has pioneered revolutionising changes to the honeymoon concept. Traditionally a honeymoon is a romantic holiday taken by the newlyweds in an intimate and secluded place. The Maldives honeymoon has retained these traditional elements of intimacy and seclusion, while spicing up the honeymoon with adventure, value and variety.

The seductive islands of the Maldives are a natural masterpiece brimming with romance. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons, inadvertently makes you be at one with nature and at one with each other.

Maldives is made of 800 islands and this goes to make it a more beautiful place. The local folk are called Maldivians and the closest city to this place, Male, is lovely!


Temperatures remain between 25 and 30C throughout the year in the Maldives so the islands are a great destination for some much-needed sun. April tends to be the hottest month and, if you want to avoid the chance of rain, visit between December and April.


Nowhere on earth can boast seawaters as clear and blue as the Maldives. Scattered across a huge swathe of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives comprises countless strings of tiny islands, only two hundred of which are inhabited.
The beaches in Maldives are indeed among the most romantic beaches in the world. Whether it is a little sports or a peaceful walk down the silky sands, the beaches here will blow your mind.


While there are a few budget accommodation options in the Maldives, most of the resorts are incredibly upscale and luxurious. Large suites, exclusive guest patios and modern amenities can be found in most of the resorts and hotels in the Maldives. Expect to find fitness facilities, spas and onsite dining in every resort in the country.


Guests in the Maldives have three options for dining. They can enjoy upscale international fare in the resorts, affordable local meals in the rural areas or dining in the cities of Male and Addu. Most visitors stick to the delicious food served in the resorts, but the dining in Male is much more affordable and can be a great way to try local favourites like riha curry and spicy fish cakes called kulhi borkibaa.


Throw away all your fears, forget your stress and problems, and just let time tick by as you marvel in the tiniest of beauty of your surrounding, and take in all of life.


These tropical coral islands tick all of the boxes for a romantic break – seclusion, luxury, beautiful scenery, the wow factor and spas – and are a popular choice for honeymoons and weddings. So, if you are looking for a destination to impress that someone special, look no further.
With crystalline blue waters surging gently against isolated stretches of pristine white sand, the islands of the Maldives offer a peaceful sanctuary from the harsh realities of the outside world.


How about a ride in one of these? Seaplanes are capable of taking off from and making a landing on water as they have skis in place of wheels. Seaplanes and boats are the only way of travelling between the islands, making your vacation all the more exciting!


The Maldives are world-famous for their incredible sunset views; these can be enjoyed in the privacy of your villa or on a sunset cruise over the calm waters, accompanied only by the gentle lapping of the waves and the crimson shades of the sunset panoramas.


Although almost every visitor who arrives in the Maldives will pass through the airport in the capital city of Male, most of the resorts and accommodations are located on nearby islands. Since there are well over 1,000 islands that make up the country, resorts are often located on private islands accessible only to guests and staff. If you are concerned about safety for your children or you just want to have an intimate and romantic holiday, the Maldives is ideal.
One resort per island means that each location has a really peaceful, private feel to it. The sensation of owning your own paradise island is hard to beat.


The Maldives became a shark sanctuary in 2010 when it banned all shark fishing: take a night dive with grey reef sharks, go hammerhead spotting or watch whale sharks. There's no defined season for the big fellas, local marine biologists, say.
One of the great joys of the Maldives are its little spinner dolphins. They earn their names for their antics: in the late afternoon, as they make their way out of the lagoons and into the deep ocean to hunt, the dolphins will leap into the air to spin, just for the sheer joy, it would appear.


The Whale Submarine off Malé can be booked through your resort and descends into the blue for a 45-minute peek at everything from sharks to shipwrecks.
Whether you are a seasoned diver or want to learn, or if you love to snorkel, the varied and colourful underwater world in the Maldives is breath-taking. Look for manta rays, barracuda, turtles and sharks – and thousands of other brightly-coloured fish.


The properties in the Maldives have some excellent underwater dining experiences.

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