Hands down, the most romantic place in the world to spend your honeymoon is on an island in the South Pacific. To be more specific, the crown jewel of romance is Fiji. The Fiji Islands offer a variety of private resorts for any budget. The beautiful turquoise waters, the white sandy beaches and the unbelievable sunsets create the perfect backdrop for romance as you begin your married life together.

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Only in Australia, can you experience the diversity of deserts, mountains, beaches, rainforests, alongside hip modern metropolises that are constantly being ranked as the most liveable and enjoyable cities in the world.

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As the planet heats up environmentally and politically, it’s good to know that New Zealand exists. This uncrowded, green, peaceful and accepting country is the ultimate escape. New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world. Hiking, skydiving, caving, bungy jumping, skiing – everything here is geared towards getting you outside and doing something good.

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